we believe that taking care of the things we own is most environmentally friendly way to behave, especially when it has already taken so many natural resources to be produced. leather is one of those materials that comes to be after a long process but with proper care it can last another lifetime.

vegetable tanned leather is a material with many natural charecteristics, like wood, that ages beautifully and gains a desired vintage look. the colors get darker and with use the surface develops a unique shine called patina. the process of leather ageing can be quickened but it is not possible to avoid.

Care tools

the basic concept of leather care is to always test the leather care product in less noticed area before applying it to all over the product. we recommend using a leather cream with no color and apply it with an applicator or clean and soft cloth in circular motion on the surface of the product, let it sit for the night and then in the morning use another clean cloth to remove the excess cream.

please keep in mind that due to being a natural material, continious direct sunlight can cause rapid change in color, especially on lighter shades of leathers and bright colors. natural vegetable tanned leather is especially sensitive to sunlight and moisture, so we recommend using a water repellent spray on it once in a while.